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In web/help mode, a 2-finger horizontal swipe, or shaking your iPhone, will return to animation mode.

In animation mode on iPod Touch or iPad (without camera), a 2-finger right swipe (or a shake) cycles forward through a set of demo images; a 2-finger left swipe cycles backward through the images.

When a camera is present, a 2-finger horizontal swipe (or shake) enables the camera, allowing you to snap a new source image. Shaking again cancels the camera interface, returning to animation.


Rotate & Tilt

Holding your iPhone upright and rotating the display controls the kaleidoscope animation. Animation is automated when your iPhone lays horizontally.


1-Finger Drag

Dragging your finger across the display will scroll your animation.


2-Finger Pinch

Pinching 2 fingers over the display reduces the size of the animation tiles.


2-Finger Swipe

Swiping 2 fingers up/down the display will increase/decrease animation speed.


1-Finger Press

Holding a single finger on the display will show the original image used for the animation.


Double Tap

A single-finger double-tap resets animation and the web mode homepage.


Triple Tap

A single-finger triple-tap displays Clydomania information. In the full version, this also provides configuration controls, saving, loading, sharing, search, view and voting features.

Shake your iPhone to restore animation.


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